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Mid-Appalachian Region of
the National Speleological Society


The purpose of the listserv is to facilitate email communication among cavers about cave related happenings in the MAR Region. You must be signed up with a google account in order to sign up for the "Google Groups - MAR".

Subscribe to the Listserv (the Listserv Address):

Please visit Google Groups - MAR

Post a message on the Listserv (the List Address):

Send your message via email to:

Unsubscribe from the Listserv:

Send an email to:

How do I send a message or post to the MAR-NSS listserv?

Once you have subscribed and are a list member, address your email to    Please keep in mind that everything you send to this address will be sent and viewed by ALL members on the list.

Who administers this list?

The listserv moderator is C. Catherman (, NSS #48062  

Listserv online since January 2021.

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