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Mid-Appalachian Region of
the National Speleological Society


The following links below include caves in the MAR, NRO, VAR, and TAG areas, that are known to have access restrictions placed on them.

With the ever growing number of restricted caves within the Region, it should be obvious that ALL cavers must practice the usual rules of caving courtesy. Please, be sure to obtain the owner's permission before entering any cave. One of the main reasons caves become restricted or closed by landowners are due to past incidents where individuals did not ask permission. Good land owner-caver relations are crucial for keeping caves open for the enjoyment of all !

Note: These lists are updated from information received from cavers like YOU and from other various resources.

If you are familiar with the access status of "ANY" cave within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, please let Tony Canike (Philadelphia Grotto) know of its current status. Please send any additions, corrections, deletions, or comments to Tony Canike, acting database steward of the "Pennsylvania Cave Database" at  Email or at (215) 362-8292 and/or the various county stewards. A listing of the county stewards and information regarding the PA Cave Database can be viewed "here".

All updates for caves should be sent to the maintainer of the respective list, as requested on their website.

Restricted Cave Access Lists (External Links)
 Maintainer of List
Pennsylvania Cave Conservancy (PCC)
Huntingdon Grotto
Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy (MAKC)
Northeast Regional (NRO)
Virginia Region (VAR)
Dogwood City Grotto
Voluntary Caving Bat Moratorium List
Nittany Grotto

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