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Mid-Appalachian Region of
the National Speleological Society


The Mid-Appalachian Region (MAR) holds an annual business meeting each February. The annual business meeting is generally held on the last Saturday in February, in which, the MAR Board, regional grotto representatives, other organizations, and cavers alike convene. The purpose is to generally take care of old and new business along with the discussion of finances, field meets, publications in progress, conservation efforts, and other items of interest.

Immediately following the MAR annual business meeting, it is customary that the Pennsylvania Cave Conservancy (PCC) conducts their Winter meeting to discuss various cave related business and to interact with the MAR Board and representatives.

The next MAR business meeting will be "in-person" on February 22, 2025 at 1:30 pm. at the Mt. Laurel Church of God located at 1295 Piketown Road, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

After the MAR Council meeting in 1957 it became customary to hold an annual business meeting. The organization began having its annual business meeting at Dr. Ralph Stone's house, located on Front Street in Harrisburg, PA. The MAR business meeting continued for several years to be held at Dr. Stone's residence up to his death in 1964.

After Dr. Stone's death, The Herbein's (Jay and Kathy) began hosting the annual business meeting and remained the annual hosts for 45 years from 1965 to 2010. In recognition for their many years of dedication to the MAR, Jay received a life membership to the National Speleological Society (NSS) by the NSS President at the time, Gordon Birkhimer, and Kathy was presented with a flower arrangement and a donation to a local humane society in honor of her name.

Starting in February 2011, the annual business meeting changed to its "new" location at Mt. Laurel Community Park, on Piketown Road near Linglestown, PA. The meetings were held here for 4 years as to which time another new location was picked.

In February 2015, the meetings began being held at the Mt Laurel Church of God, just up the street from the former park location. (see Busness Meetings).

February 2021 will be the first MAR Business Meeting to be held online via Zoom (online meeting and conferencing service provider) due to the inability to have a gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic. In-person meetings, with the option of online call-in, resumes with the February 2023 meeting.

Meeting Minutes
  February 24, 2024  
* December 11, 2023  
February 25, 2023  
February 26, 2022  
February 27, 2021  
February 29, 2020  
February 23, 2019  
February 24, 2018
  February 25, 2017
  February 27, 2016
  February 28, 2015
  February 22, 2014
  February 23, 2013
  February 25, 2012
  February 26, 2011
    February 27, 2010
  February 28, 2009
  February 23, 2008
  February 24, 2007
  February 25, 2006
  February 26, 2005
  February 28, 2004
  February 22, 2003
  February 23, 2002
  February 24, 2001
  February 26, 2000
  February 27, 1999
  February 28, 1998
  February 22, 1997

* - Special Election Meeting Due to the Death of Former Treasurer, Elizabeth "Bette" White.


The next MAR annual business meeting will be held at the Mt. Laurel Church of God. The church is located at 1295 Piketown Road, at the interection with Sleeping Hollow Road and Appalachian Trail, in W. Hanover Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania (just East of Harrisburg).


Mt. Laurel Church of God
1295 Piketown Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112


From the East on Interstate 81 Southbound and/or Interstate 78:
Exit Interstate 81 at Exit 77 (Route 39). Bear right onto Route 39 West (Linglestown Road).

From the West on Interstate 81 Northbound:
Exit Interstate 81 at Exit 77 (Route 39). Bear left onto Route 39 West (Linglestown Road).

Once on Route 39 (Linglestown road), proceed 0.6 mile to N. Fairville Ave. (Pass McDonalds, Perkins, and various truck stops). Make an immediate right onto N. Fairville Avenue at the Hotel/Motel and proceed approximately 2.8 miles from Route 39. Bear left several times to stay on N. Fairville Avenue (there are several jogs in the road). Turn Right onto Piketown Road and proceed up over mountain approximatley 0.7 miles to the intersection with Sleepy Hollow Road and Appalachian Trail. The Mt. Laurel Church of God is located on your right side (east of Piketown Road) and the West Hanover Fire Company is located across the street on the left side (west of Piketown Road). Additional church parking is available at the lot diagonally across the intersection from the church. A cemetery is located across the street from the additional Church parking lot area.

From the North on S.R. 322:
Exit S.R. 322 at the North Front Street exit (Fort Hunter). Proceed several hundred feet and turn left onto Fishing Creek Valley Road (S.R. 443 East). Proceed approximately 7.3 miles and turn right onto Sleep Hollow Road. Proceed on Sleepy Hollow Road for approximaltey 1.8 miles to intersection with Piketown Road. the church is located directly in front of you at the intersection.

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