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February 24, 2001

The meeting was called to order by MAR Chair, Bob Gulden at 1:37 PM at the home of Jay Herbein, Harrisburg, PA.

Secretary's Report:
The Meeting Minutes of the 2000 meeting were approved as published in the last MAR Breakdown newsletter.

Treasurer's Report:
The Treasurer's Report was read by treasurer Bette White. Printed copies of the report were distributed. A motion to accept the Treasurer's Report was made by Carol Tiderman, seconded by Keith Wheeland and the motion passed.

MAR Breakdown:
Submissions of MAR events can be emailed to Karen Bange at

2000 Fall Field Meet:
Keith Wheeland gave a report and thanked all involved.

2000 Spring Field Meet:
Pittsburgh Grotto gave a report; everything went well.

MAR Web Site:
Christopher Catherman reported that the site is up and running as of August, 2000. Web address is Keith Wheeland requested that all grotto representatives sign up for general information purposes on the new MAR list serve.

2001 Spring Field Meet:
To be held the weekend of May 11-12, 2001 at the Williamson American Legion Campgrounds. Registration is $23 which includes a chicken dinner. There will be no pre-registration. Gates open at 5pm Friday the 11th. Pat Minick said info may be gotten from the Franklin County Grotto website.

2001 Fall Field Meet:
Central Jersey Grotto is hosting. No representative was present at the meeting to give a report. Unconfirmed dates for the event are September 14-16, 2001.

Spring 2002 and Fall 2002 Field Meets:
Looking for hosts for these two meets.

MAR Logo:
Motion for acceptance of Christopher Catherman's design was made by Keith Wheeland, seconded by Karen Bange. Motion carries.

MAR Bulletins:
Wil White reported on the update status of the following bulletins:

    CCLUM (Clinton, Columbia, Lycoming, Union, and Montour counties):
    Keith Christenson should be finishing in the next year after he gets his computer set up in Panama.

    Fayette County:
    No progress to report.

    Huntingdon County:
    There is planning for a bulletin on the Juniata River Gorge area. This project is evolving from the previously known "Huntingdon County" bulletin. The new scope will focus on a specific area rather than the whole county.

    York County:
    Still in the agitation stages.

MAKC Booklet:
Tom Metzgar wanted permission to reprint some maps for an upcoming MAKC booklet to be distributed at their Hall Cave celebration. No problems foreseen by Will White for this. Credit will be given to map creators in the booklet.

Pennsylvania Cave Database:
Information is available for use upon validated request through Keith Wheeland. Changes and updates are being made slowly.

Cave Conservancy Reports:
Penn Aqua closed due to a local water company testing at the site. The landowner said the entrance can be reopened this spring. Seven Valleys Grotto and Nittany Grotto will be opening it this spring. Mike Mostardi reported on a clean up in Dribilis Cave. The land owner will be building his home close to the cave but it does not seem the septic will be close enough to the cave to effect it. Cleanup at Parker Cave last May by Franklin County Grotto went well.

Cleversburg Sink:
Pat Minick said the local township was looking into grant money to purchase the cave and lands around it to preserve it. The locks on the cave have been changed and access is same as before. Beware of existing ropes in the cave, some maybe unsafe. The water level in this cave was low last year and a student is known to be doing water table studies in the cave.

Tent Rental:
York Grotto was never billed for the tent rental at the 1999 Fall MAR. Pat Minick made a motion to drop the issue of the tent and let York Grotto keep any profits from the tent rental, seconded by Karen Bange. Motion carried.

Pennsylvania Cave Conservancy (PCC):
Anyone interested in running for a PCC office, please see Karen Bange. Meeting will follow the MAR business meeting.

NSS Convention & COG (NSS-Congress of Grottos):
Carol Tilderman will be the MAR representative.

New Business:

NSS I/O Report
Keith Wheeland is now on I/O for the NSS. Carol Tiderman reported that many grottos ask where to get the forms for reporting to the I/O. This raised the question of what is really needed to send to the I/O committee? Much discussion ensued regarding this matter.

Jay Herbein asked that the previous year's MAR secretary fill out the I/O report for the incoming secretary. All were in favor.

Nittany Grotto is having a spring picnic May 4-6th 2001 Contact Gary Dunmire at (814) 357-1134.

Postage is increasing on all MAR shipments per Bette White.

Bob Gulden announced a Bowden Cave cleanup trip. Pauline Apling is the contact person at . The group is meeting at the 3rd entrance at 10am on April 7th.

Gangsta Mappers meet the 3rd weekend of every month to map Breathing Cave and Cassell Cave. Contact Gangsta Mappers for more info.

VAR Spring Meet is May 3-6th at Cumberland Gap, VA Pine Mt. Grotto.

No date set yet for VAR Fall Meet hosted by RASS field station.

Carol Tiderman announced a April 28th Siler Cave gating. Need laborers. Contact Carol Tiderman.

MAKC has Laurel Cavern colored maps for sale at $4.25 per map.

Keith Wheeland suggested raising the prices of some MAR bulletins. Prices set in meeting by popular vote. See new price listing on the back page of the Breakdown or listed "here".

PCC T-shirts and a book called The Hidden Diamond are for sale. See Dean Snyder.

The after meeting party would be at Dale Ibberson's.

Carol Tiderman made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded Steve Shawver. Motion passed and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Shawver
MAR Recording Secretary

Representatives at the meeting:

  • Baltimore Grotto
  • York Grotto
  • Nittany Grotto
  • Greater Allentown Grotto
  • Franklin County Grotto
  • Philly Grotto
  • Pittsburgh Grotto
  • Commander Cody Caving Club
  • South Jersey Grotto
  • Huntingdon County cave Hunters
  • Mid Atlantic Karst Conservancy (MAKC)
  • Seven Valleys Grotto
  • DC Grotto

Click "Here" for the February 24, 2001 minutes of the PCC Meeting (Winter) that took place immediately after the MAR Business Meeting.

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