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Mid-Appalachian Region of
the National Speleological Society


"Bernies" Cave List

One of the ways to truly appreciate the tremendous impact that the unique maps and descriptions of Bernie Smeltzer have made on the caving world is to look back on the list of caves he indelibly left his mark upon. Countless times has a caver reached into their pocket and pulled out a mud stained map with those timeless words "Drawn By Bernard Smeltzer". Many of us have come to affectionately refer to them as "Bernie Maps".

Over his lifetime, Bernard Smeltzer drew over 140 cave maps spanning a little over 40 years, from his first one published in 1949, to his last one before his death in 1992.

They are almost all instantly recognizable by his unique blend of passage and formation detail and vivid geological sections.   (Maps are listed alphabetically by year published)

1949 1956 1962
Brownstone Cave Allensville Cave Brechbiel Cave
Carnegie Cave BarrvilleCave Gorman Cave
Crystal Pit Cave Craighead Cave Indian Echo Cave
Noecker Cave Devil's Den Keefer Cave
Parker Cave Dragon Cave Martin Cave
Peipers Cave Johnson Cave Red Bridge Caves
Veiled Lady Cave Maye's Cave Ron Martin Cave
   Siglerville Cave Scotland Bridge Cave
1950  Wonderland Caverns Zimmerman Cave
Aughenbaugh Cave    
Boiling Springs Caves 1957 1963
Bootlegger Sink Highland Park Cave Bahners Cave
Carpenter Cave Little Aitkin Cave Devil's Hole Rock Shelter
Cleversburg Sink Longs Cave Kiehl's Cave
Duffield Cave Nale #2 Cave Moyer Cave
Emigs Cave  Needy Cave  
Gable Cave West York Cave 1964
Goods Cave   Honeydew Caves
Niswander Cave 1958 Indian Cave
North York Cave Cleversburg Den Caves St. Marks Cave
Reese Cave Cressler Cave  
Rupert Cave Hennigh Cave 1967
Warren Point Cave Stroudts Bridge Caves Refton Cave
   Taxville Quarry Caves  
1951    1975
Arnold Cave 1959 Serafino Cave
Flemings Cave Conodoguinet Cave  
Hipple Cave Crooked Cave 1977
Millheim Cave East York Cave Linns Cave
  Freeburg Cave  
1952  Host Cave 1978
Blue Springs Cave Marble Cave Hartman Cave
Hesston Cave Pigeon Cave Schofer Cave
Shively Cave Sandy Cave  
South Temple Cave Sharp Farm Cave 1979
Wind Cave Spider Cave Boxwork Cave
   Woodward Cave #2  
1953    1980
Arnt Cave 1960 McGills Pit
Baker #2 Cave Hershey-Coys Cave System Quaker Hill Cave
Centerville Cave Paintersville Cave Woomers Cave
Cochlin Cave Springside Farm Cave  
Curfman Cave   1981
Hobo Cave 1961 Courtney Cave
Hummer Cave Baker #3 Cave Patience Pit
Kreider Cave Baker Caverns Persistance Pit
Redhill Cave Big Spring Cave Platter Pit
Shaffer Farm Cave Buchanan Cave Red Church Cave
Welsh Run Cave Conodoguinet Rock House Womer Cave
Wildcat Cave Crow-Bait Cave  
  Deerdorff Cave 1982
1954  Marl Cave Frazer Cave
Lime Sinks Cave Overcash Caves John Long's Cave
Long Quarry Cave Railroad Rock House   
Mammau Cave Scotland Cave 1983
Shady Grove Cave Skelly Cave Addison's Cave
   St. Thomas Sinks Bernie's Cave
1955  Stroughstown Cave Blain Cave
Boiling Springs #3, #4 Caves Thrush Farm Cave Buckshot Cave
Hall Cave Woodchuck Pit Crystal Cave
Hershey Cave   Part Time Cave
Huber Coys Cave   Perserverance Pit
Pequea Cave   Puthon Pit
Woodchuck Cave    
    Borehole Cave

This list of caves is graciously provided by Hope McAdam. Hope and Jeff Uhl compiled this list as part of an exhibition at the 1992 NSS Convention held in Salem, Indiana. This list was made possible through the contributions of Will and Bette White, Dale Ibberson, Steve Smeltzer, Jay Herbein, and John Coolidge III.

*Credit is given to Dale Ibberson, for providing excerpts from his obituary for Bernard L. Smeltzer which was originally published in the York Grotto Newsletter, Vol. 28, No. 4, July 1992. Credit is also given to J. Michael Spencer, editor of the Fall 2003 MAR Field Meet and MAR 50th Anniversary Field Guidebook, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, for re-printing the above information on Bernard L. Smeltzer.

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