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Mid-Appalachian Region of
the National Speleological Society


Non-active grottos within the Mid-Appalachian Region that are chartered through the NSS but are currently no longer active or functioning.
Pennsylvania Grottos
  Bucknell Grotto
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA
Years Active 1956-1958
NSS Grotto #66
  Buffalo Valley Grotto
Millmont, PA (Union County)
Years Active 2002-2011
NSS Grotto #440
BVG inFormation
  Cave Hill Grotto
Three Springs, PA (Huntingdon County)
Founded 2009-2016
NSS Grotto #464
The Booty Review
  Gettysburg Grotto
Gettysburg, PA
Years Active 1976-1979
NSS Grotto #236
  Huntingdon Area Speleological Society
Huntingdon, PA
Years Active 1982-1984
NSS Grotto #288
  Juniata College Grotto  
Huntingdon, PA
Years Active 2004-2010
NSS Grotto #288  ** Reactivated Grotto Under New Name - see above
  Lehigh Valley Grotto
Bethlehem, PA
Years Active 1961-1965, 1967-1979
NSS Grotto #103
  Meadville Moles Grotto
Meadville, PA
Years Active 1978-1980
NSS Grotto #253
  Moravian Grotto
Moravian University
Bethlehem, PA
Years Active 1977-1982
NSS Grotto #242
  Reading Grotto
Reading, PA
Years Active 1960-1977
NSS Grotto #94
  Schuykill Valley Grotto
West Hamburg, PA
Years Active 1957-1959
NSS Grotto #73
  Shippensburg State Grotto
Shippensburg, PA
Years Active 1953-1958, 1962-1970
NSS Grotto #47
  Standing Stone Grotto
Huntingdon, PA
Years Active 1954-1957
NSS Grotto #53
  Susquehanna Grotto
Williamsport, PA
Years Active 1988-1990
NSS Grotto #336
  Swarthmore Grotto
Swarthmore, PA
Years Active 1961-1968
NSS Grotto #98
  Westminster Grotto
Westminster College
New Wilmington, PA
Years Active 1981-1986
NSS Grotto #275
 Maryland Grottos
  Annapolis Grotto
Annapolis, MD
Years Active 1974-1995
NSS Grotto #210
  Frederick Troglophylic Grotto
Frederick, MD
Years Active 1966-1969
NSS Grotto #136
  Hagerstown Grotto
Hagerstown, MD
Years Active 1952-1953
NSS Grotto #44
  Narrows Grotto
Cumberland, MD
Years Active 1972-1976
NSS Grotto #201
  Rock Creek Grotto
Rockville, MD
Years Active 2001-?
NSS Grotto #437
Caving Update
 Delaware Grottos
  University of Delaware Grotto
University Of Delaware
Milford, DE
Years Active 1972-1974
NSS Grotto #198
 New Jersey Grottos
  South New Jersey Grotto
Vineland, NJ
Years Active 1995-2004
NSS Grotto #397
Tunnel Times

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